Pocket Reduction Surgery

All teeth have spaces between the gums and the teeth.  In healthy situations, these spaces are tight and shallow.  With periodontal disease, inflammation in the gum tissue causes the tissue to move away from the tooth and creates deeper spaces or “pockets.”  As the pockets become deeper, your toothbrush can no longer reach the area for cleaning, and it creates a space that bacteria can hide and accumulate.  This can lead to bone loss around the teeth, and if untreated, to tooth loss.  

To prevent further bone or tooth loss your periodontist may recommend a pocket reduction procedure.  During this procedure, the periodontist gently folds the gums back from the teeth, and removes the disease-causing bacteria.  In some cases, irregular bone may be smoothed to prevent areas where bacteria can hide.  The gums are replaced and the pockets are removed creating a healthier situation, and one in which you and your hygienist are better able to clean and maintain health.